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What Is Spectrum Network?


Please be aware that the Spectrum Protocol is currently in an active development phase and is not yet accessible on the testnet or mainnet.


Spectrum Network, also referred to as Spectrum Protocol, is a smart contract platform for trustless cross-chain programmable messaging.

The architecture of Spectrum Network empowers developers to seamlessly interact with native currencies and tokens across multiple blockchains simultaneously. This enables them to create decentralized applications (dApps) that operate natively in a cross-chain environment. Consequently, there is no need for wrapped or synthetic assets when executing actions like swapping native ETH from the Ethereum mainnet to native ADA on the Cardano mainnet.

On the following scheme, you can see what the whole cross-chain communication system looks like:


Spectrum Network’s role

The Spectrum Network plays a vital role in the overall system by verifying the validity of messages transmitted from network A to network B. Within the network, Proof of Stake (PoS) validators assume the responsibility of ensuring consensus is reached and validating the authenticity of messages. Their task involves confirming whether a particular message is deemed valid or not, thereby providing assurance and trust to the network participants. Through the collective efforts of PoS validators, the Spectrum Network establishes a secure framework for message verification and validation within the cross-chain communication ecosystem.

Adapters role

Adapters serve a crucial function within the cross-chain communication system, playing a vital role in facilitating seamless and scalable interoperability. These adapters are compact programs designed to translate message data from network A into a format compatible with Spectrum Network. Subsequently, they translate the message data from Spectrum's format into the format appropriate for settlement on network B.

By leveraging the capabilities of adapters, it becomes feasible to integrate nearly any blockchain network into the system, enabling trustless cross-chain communication with other interconnected networks. This flexibility allows for the expansion of the ecosystem and the establishment of secure and reliable communication channels across diverse blockchain networks.

Specrum Protocol’s source code is accessible in this repository.