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We have conducted extensive research and implemented several protocols for eUTxO blockchains like Ergo and Cardano. You can explore all of these protocols in the table provided below:

ProtocolDescriptionSource code
Liquidity Mining Protocol (Yield Farming Protocol)A Uniswap V2 AMM protocol implementation for eUTxO-based networks like Ergo and Cardano. The protocol enables liquidity provision and asset exchange in a trustless and decentralized manner.
Liquidity Mining Protocol (Yield Farming Protocol)A trustless protocol for launching Yield Farming Programs. Projects can initiate as many farming programs as they want, and users don’t need to worry that farming will occasionally stop.
Liquidity Locker ProtocolThe protocol allows locking liquidity for a specific time. It is a tool for projects to ensure its users that liquidity won’t disappear from a pool.