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This article may contain temporary information and applies only to the Spectrum Finance V1

Spectrum Finance protocol V1 includes 3 types of fees:

Network FeePaid to Miners or Node stake poolsNative network currency (ERG/ADA)min - โˆž (user choice)
LP feeFee charged by each specific poolOutput asset of the operation0-100% (set when a liquidity pool is created)
Execution FeePaid to execution botsNative network currency (ERG/ADA)Formula

The total fee for any operation varies from $0.5 to $5, depending on the rational choice of Nitro (read more below). The best way to get lower fees is to leave default Nitro value. Change Nitro only if you completely understand what is going on!

Execution fee formula

Execution Fee is always a range of values (minExFee - maxExFee)

minExFee = minerFee * 3

3 is a constant factor which have to satisfy the condition minExFee > minerFee

maxExFee = minExFee * nitro

What is nitro?

Nitro is the multiplier of the max execution fee. It is defined in order to give the user the ability to control both the speed order execution and the maximum possible output.

maxOutput = maxExFee / exFeePerToken


exFeePerToken = minExFee / minOutput