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What is Spectrum.DEX?

Spectrum.DEX is a non-custodial decentralized exchange that allows a quick, effortless, and secure transfer of liquidity inside and between the Ergo and Cardano networks. The eUTXO model gives the unique possibility to have shared liquidity among different networks. Spectrum.DEX will eventually feature a full AMM, Order Book and more.

Spectrum.DEX is an open-source DeFi product which take a part in both Ergo and Cardano platforms and as a consequence exists for purposes of both communities. You can imagine Spectrum.DEX infrastructure like the following:

  • Spectrum Labs: the team of developers who are developing and maintaining Spectrum.DEX protocol, user interface and other products;
  • The Spectrum.DEX Protocol: a set of smart contracts that create an automated market maker and order book;
  • Spectrum.DEX User Interface (UI): a web (or mobile) interface which provides access in conjunction with the protocol;
  • Spectrum.DEX Execution Bots: off-chain software whose function is to execute DEX orders and works in a completely decentralized manner.