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Automated Market Maker

An automated market maker (AMM) is a smart contract that holds liquidity reserves. Users can trade against these reserves at prices determined by a fixed formula. Anyone may contribute liquidity to these smart contracts, earning trading fees in return.


An order book system is similar to what you will see on traditional centralized exchanges. It shows buyers and sellers with amounts and the value of bids on one table.


A token which can be traded on the DEX.


Used to deposit a token pair into the DEX to receive LP tokens and earn on protocol fees.


An act of reclaiming liquidity which was provided to a liquidity pool earlier plus protocol fees.


Cancellation of an order which hasn't been yet settled.

Constant Product Formula

The automated market-making algorithm used by Spectrum Finance, x*y=c. where x and y are deposits on tokens X and Y respectively and c is their product which has to remain constant after swap operations. CFMMs provide liquidity across the entire price range.


Digital assets that are stored in a pool contract and can be traded against by traders.

Liquidity Provider (LP)

A liquidity provider is someone who deposits tokens into a liquidity pool. Liquidity providers take on price risk and are compensated with trading fees.


A pool containing 2 tokens that are available to trade against each other.

UI Fee

Fees that the UI provider is rewarded with.

Miner Fees

Fees that are rewarded to miners for confirming the transactions.

Execution Fees

Fees that are charged for execution by the AMM bots.


When performing a swap, this is the range of expected output you will receive depending on slippage.


Maximum DEX fee multiplier.


The liquidity is available within a pair of tradeable tokens.


The amount the price moves in a trading pair between when a transaction is submitted and when it is executed.

Protocol fees

Fees which liquidity providers are rewarded with. Charged in assets of a pool.

Concentrated Liquidity

The liquidity which is allocated within a determined price range.