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Spectrum Finance originated as an Automated Market Maker (AMM) protocol named ErgoDEX on the Ergo blockchain. Recognizing a global problem within the DeFi space, the development team made a decision to expand the project into a cross-chain decentralized exchange. This expansion was made possible by creating an in-house developed cross-chain smart contract platform known as Spectrum Network.

The team successfully built two separate AMM protocols in the project's history. One was built on the Ergo Blockchain, while the other was built on the Cardano Blockchain. Each protocol operates independently and utilizes different technologies. However, both protocols can be accessed through a unified interface, streamlining the user experience.

To achieve cross-chain DeFi functionality, the development team has established a roadmap outlining the steps and milestones that will be undertaken.



The integration roadmap of the Spectrum Network with other blockchain networks will be provided at a later stage.